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So I was going to do that book meme but then I realized there were titles being repeated and said screw it, this has been edited too many times for me to take it seriously.

But speaking of books!! I am almost done with Band of Brothers. I'm probably going to have to go back once I'm done and skim it again before I can actually talk coherently about it, because I've been reading it off and on for months so I know I'm forgetting stuff from it. :|a Also I'm thinking I might watch the HBO miniseries, but I am also debating on whether or not that's a good idea because I am really incredibly squeamish...

ALSO THIS IS MOSTLY A POST TO SAY guys I really need some book recommendations. I have a tiny bit of cash put aside and a whole new bookshelf that is only partially full this is a travesty.
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eugenides: insomniatic. (❝so please don't stay in touch❞)

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have you read anything by jeffrey eugenides
or orhan pamuk
or margaret atwood
or haruka murakami?

oh i also rec everyone megan whalen turner's book, even though they are ya they are fabulous and amazing and my favorites, so.
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oh, what poem? her prose is the only thing i'm familiar with, but it's beautiful. for specifics, i really like the penelopiad, which is basically the odyssey from penelope's pov, and also the blind assassin, which has a bunch of different threads but is essentially about a pair of sisters and a scifi novel that is also meta within the book itself.

as for the others, middlesex is my favorite eugenides novel and also one of my favorite books of all time; pamuk is a turkish writer and his novel snow is about modern turkey though he writes historical and other stuff too; and my favorite murakami novel is kafka on the shore.
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Idk what you have or haven't read, so I'll just. Go all over here.

I like the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix, the Ender's Shadow series by Orson Scott Card (it's more complex than the main line of the series), and American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
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everyone and their mother is talking about girl with a dragon tattoo, but the book is actually a really glorious read. also anything by david sedaris you can get your hands on is very witty and insightful, if you're looking for something light.

also obligatory asoiaf reference. barnes and noble is actually selling the first four books as a set which was pretty affordable, if i'm remembering correctly.

and unfortunately everything else on my bookshelf is poetry right now ALAS THE END OF MY RECOMMENDATIONS.
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AUGH YOU BUTT invalidating my reccomendations ffs.

no i have not read anything by her! but i certainly will get on that since i need something new to read myself. what i'm reading now is nazim hikmet's anthology, pablo neruda and charles bukowski. also richard siken but i'm pretty sure you've probably read his stuff already.
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Probably my favorite author at the moment is a spanish author named Roberto Bolano (there's a squiggle over the 'n' but idk how to do it on the keyboard). I've only read the monster of all his books (1,000 page cross-generational murder mystery called 2666) but it was a spectacular, if slow, read.

Also short stories by Raymond Carver. You can find a few online, even.

Additionally, books by Don DeLillo are interestingly written. If you read one of them, they're kind of all the same-ish though, so I suggest reading White Noise first. It's his best imo. Also pretty easy to get your hands on.

From the bit I read of the Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, the book was good. Didn't get very far in it before school started, though.