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kat kat kat ([personal profile] boudika) wrote2012-01-09 11:55 pm

( xii. )

So I was going to do that book meme but then I realized there were titles being repeated and said screw it, this has been edited too many times for me to take it seriously.

But speaking of books!! I am almost done with Band of Brothers. I'm probably going to have to go back once I'm done and skim it again before I can actually talk coherently about it, because I've been reading it off and on for months so I know I'm forgetting stuff from it. :|a Also I'm thinking I might watch the HBO miniseries, but I am also debating on whether or not that's a good idea because I am really incredibly squeamish...

ALSO THIS IS MOSTLY A POST TO SAY guys I really need some book recommendations. I have a tiny bit of cash put aside and a whole new bookshelf that is only partially full this is a travesty.

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